BAM 2023 is headed to Minnesota’s lovely Driftless area August 17-20, 2023.  The ride starts and finishes in the city of Lanesboro, with overnights in Rushford, La Crescent and Houston before returning to Lanesboro.

Mileage and terrain: Distances are 50-65 miles per day on paved roads and trails.  This is the Driftless Area so for the most part you’re either down in the valley surrounded by the beautiful bluffs or on top of the bluffs experiencing incredible vistas.  You’ll encounter several climbs throughout the tour, along with invigorating descents!  The tour is intended for cyclists of intermediate ability and above.  

Helmets:  Helmets are required and must be worn at all times when riding.  

Food and rest stops: Your registration includes four breakfasts, four lunches and three dinners. Lunch will be served each day en route or at the end of the route.  On the last day, only breakfast and lunch are provided. Meals are served by a combination of local community and civic groups, caterers and restaurants.  BAM will publish the menus for each meal before the ride begins. If you have dietary restrictions, please review the menus carefully and plan accordingly.

Supported rest stops are not part of this ride. However, there will be opportunities every 15 to 25 miles to stop in small towns for rest and to purchase snacks at local convenience stores, ice-cream shops and cafes.

Camping: BAM is primarily a tent-camping tour.  Camping takes place at local parks within walking distance of the downtown.  No indoor camping is available.  A Pork Belly Ventures shower truck is available onsite or nearby with private stalls, hot water and free towel service.  Free coffee is available each morning for all riders as well!

If you prefer to avoid the hassle of setting up and taking down your own tent or don’t want to sleep in a tent but still be at camp so as to not miss any of the fun, we’ve partnered with Pork Belly Ventures to provide two options:

  • Tent service:  For $295, Pork Belly Ventures will provide a tent, foam sleeping pad, full setup and takedown, and delivery of bags to and from the luggage truck each day. A second foam sleeping pad is available at no cost.  Click here for more information and to sign up for this service.  
  • Cabin on wheels!   Each air-conditioned knotty pine cabin (termed “PHAT Rooms” by Pork Belly Ventures) sleeps up to 5, is equipped with electrical outlets, has a small deck and chairs, is set up right at the campground so you don’t miss any of the fun, and moves with you throughout the tour.  No need to pack up each day!  Don’t have others to share lodging with?  Simply contact Pork Belly Ventures and they will maintain a list of others who are interested in sharing accommodations and attempt to match people up.  Check out this short videoClick here for more information and to sign up for this service.

Lodging:  Most riders choose to camp.  There are very limited hotel options in this area.  Riders who choose to stay in motels or vacation rental properties will be responsible for getting themselves and their necessities for the night to and from their lodging property.  One option is to bring a small backpack to carry what you need for your overnight stay and bike to your lodging property.  We close the luggage truck at night and you can leave your luggage bag on the truck at night.  Bags left in the luggage truck overnight will be taken out first thing in the morning so that they are accessible.  

There is also tent rental and setup service, along with cabins on wheels, available through Pork Belly Ventures.  See Camping section (above).

Due to safety and state regulations, RVs are not allowed at the campsites or on the route. Support vehicles are also prohibited. 

Luggage Transport: A vehicle will transport your luggage each day to the next overnight town.  Each rider is allowed two soft-sided bags, limited to 35 pounds each. Please be sure all items fit inside your bag(s); no tie-ons, please. All bags will be weighed prior to being loaded onto the luggage truck.  Bags that don’t meet the weight requirements will not be loaded.  All bags will be delivered to the campground each day.

Massages and Yoga:  Each afternoon, yoga will be provided at the campsite.  Massages are also available for a fee to soothe your tired muscles.

Conditioning:   To enjoy BAM 2023 to its fullest, you will need to be in good riding condition. Plan training rides for as many miles as you can—the more the better. Short rides won’t do as much good as the longer ones. It is important to ride several days a week. Add some long rides on weekends of 40 to 70 miles. At minimum, you should be able to bicycle 30 miles in 3 hours or less. It is also helpful to train on hills and on windy days; you will encounter both during the tour. 

BAM riders should be able to change their own tire. Please have your bicycle in good working order before the ride; consider having a tune-up at Freewheel Bike or your local bicycle shop.

SAG (Support and Gear) Support:

SAG support will be provided to help keep everyone safe, provide tools and bike support.  It is for riders who have mechanical issues that cannot be repaired on the road or are injured.  SAG support will not be available as a transport mechanism for tired riders. Please be prepared to bike the distances indicated on the Routes page. 

Mechanical Support:  We are fortunate to once again have mechanical support provided by Freewheel Bike, so know you will be in great hands if mechanical issues arise.  Service is free, but you will need to pay for parts, etc. Please be sure to have your bike tuned up before the ride and carry a spare tube, tire levers and pump or CO2 with you on the ride.  

Electronic Device Charging:  Ample electronic device charging is available at each of the campsites. 

E-Bike Policy:  BAM’s e-bike policy is as follows:  

  • Only Class 1 e-bikes without a throttle and with a maximum speed of 20 mph are allowed on the tour.
  • Charging will be available at the campsite each night only for an additional fee of $25; there will be no midday charging services.   Please register using the E-Bike Rider option which adds an additional $25 to the tour to cover the costs of providing e-bike charging at the campsites. 
  • E-bike riders are responsible for charging their own batteries and should be aware of the range and capacity of their battery and conserve use throughout the day as needed. E-bike riders may want to carry an extra charged battery with them on the route.
  • E-bike riders will need to bring their own charging cables, cords, extra batteries and other equipment to keep their bikes charged for each day’s ride. 
  • E-bike riders must be able to lift their own bike into the SAG vehicles if they require mechanical support. Please know the weight of your bike; not all SAG vehicles will be equipped to accommodate heavy e-bikes. A depleted battery is not an acceptable reason for requesting SAG support. 
  • The BAM Tour is intended for experienced cyclists who are self-sufficient on a multi-day tour and require limited support. Riding an e-bike is not a substitute for riding experience. The BAM e-bike policy is intended to allow experienced riders who are looking for a little extra assistance to continue to enjoy their sport. For these riders, the pedal assist is normally used occasionally on a ride to get up a big hill or against a strong wind. 

Non-riders: BAM will allow up to 10 non-rider participants on the tour. A non-rider participant is defined as someone (like a friend or spouse of a rider) who participates in BAM but chooses to drive a vehicle instead of ride. Non-rider participants must pay the full registration price and are subject to the BAM cancellation policy.  

Due to safety and state regulations, RVs are not allowed at the campsites or on the route. Support vehicles are also prohibited. 

Minors: The ride is limited to persons 16 years of age or older. Riders 16-17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, preferably a parent or guardian. This adult must provide a signed medical-release form, and the minor must have it in his or her possession at all times during BAM. Without the release form, there could be delays in any necessary medical treatment.

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted. Participants who bring animals will be excused from the ride, with no refunds.

Public Health Policy:  Your safety, the safety of other riders and the safety of the communities in which we stay is our highest priority.  BAM will require participants to follow federal, state and local public health laws and guidelines as deemed appropriate by government officials, insurance requirements and/or BAM Ride board and staff including but not limited to camping permits, sanitation requirements, food preparation and infectious disease protocols. 

It is the shared responsibility of both organizers and participants to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment during BAM.  If you feel sick at any time during the event, immediately otify a BAM staff member and isolate yourself from others.  Stay home if you test positive for, or are recovering from COVID-19, the flu or other contagious illness.  

Cost:  $575 Early Bird Price through Feb 14.  Standard registration price after Feb 14 is $595.  After April 30, the ride cost increases to $645.  There is an additional charge of $25 for e-bike riders.

Your registration includes four nights of camping, all meals starting with breakfast Thursday morning and ending with lunch Sunday afternoon, baggage transport to each night’s destination, daily Ride with GPS (RWGPS) maps, SAG support, mechanical support, activities along the route, and all the scenery and fun you can pack in! All other fees and expenses are your responsibility. We don’t offer group discounts.


We strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance to protect yourself.

Cancellations by Rider:  

Riders who cancel by June 16 in writing to will be refunded the ride fee minus $50. Riders who cancel after June 16 will forfeit the entire ride fee unless BAM can find a substitute rider from its waiting list; if so, the rider will be refunded the ride fee minus $50. 

Cancellations by BAM:  

Bicycling Around Minnesota-BAM may cancel or reroute the 2023 tour due to the occurrence of any force majeure event or credible threat thereof, including but not limited to any Act of God, government action or inaction, fire, earthquake, acts of civil or military authority, casualty, weather, flood, war, terrorist attack, epidemic, pandemic, public emergencies, insurrection, civil unrest, strikes or other labor activities, environmental conditions or any other similar cause beyond the reasonable control of BAM  (“Force Majeure Event”). BAM will attempt to refund as much of the ride fee as possible, which may mean nothing.  The closer it is to the date of the ride, the less BAM will be able to refund. 

Waiver:  Click here for a link to the waiver you will be required to sign upon registering for the ride.