Bicycling Around Minnesota is seeking two volunteers to join the Planning Committee in these two positions: BAM Volunteer Digital Communications Coordinator and BAM Volunteer Marketing/PR Coordinator. Full volunteer descriptions are below. Interested individuals may contact Elise at for more information or to apply. Thank you!

BAM Volunteer Digital Communications Coordinator

Coordinates digital communication for ride and participates on the planning committee. Works closely with volunteer marketing/PR coordinator, registrar, and tour director.

Maintains BAM website including:

  • Upcoming ride information (ride page, menu, rider letter, links to registration, jersey design, etc.)
  • Past ride information (summary description of past ride, photo gallery)
  • In the News
  • Jersey Gallery
  • Keep website fresh
  • Update general ride information
  • Update/confirm WHOIS data
  • Coordinate payments and technical requirements to ensure website host and WordPress are active

Maintains social media posts including:

  • BAM Facebook
  • Introduce other social media venues as appropriate (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Works with BAM tour director and registrar to create and distribute:

  • E-mail Rider Letter
  • Post Rider Survey
  • Other electronic rider communication
  • Maintains rider email lists in MailChimp

Maintains communication calendar

Updates volunteer position description as needed

Skills Needed: Must have experience using WordPress (or a similar platform), website protocol, MailChimp (or similar platform), and social media.


BAM Volunteer Marketing/PR Coordinator

Coordinates publicity for ride and participates on the planning committee. Works closely with volunteer digital communications coordinator, tour director, and external sources.

Maintains BAM public relations including:

  • Identify target media (newspapers, TV and cable stations, radio stations, cycling bloggers, etc.) for upcoming ride
  • Create and distribute press releases
  • Coordinates interviews with media prior to, during and after the ride
  • Act as spokesperson with media OR connects media to tour director
  • Coordinate with MnDOT’s Communications Office to distribute statewide press release from MnDOT
  • Identify new opportunities for publicity

Posts ride information to external websites:

  • Explore Minnesota, Minnesota Trails magazine, Bicycle Tour Network, League of American Cyclists, Pedal MN, Porkbelly Ventures, MN Bike Trail Navigator,,,, etc.
  • Identify new external sources

Promotes ride in host communities:

  • Work with tour director to identify best avenues for marketing tour in host communities (in addition to media)

Coordinates jersey design:

  • Identify volunteer graphic designer
  • Work with jersey vendor to place order
  • Lead small committee to identify best design
  • Update planning committee on process

Maintains public relations calendar and directory of media contacts

Updates volunteer position description as needed

Skills Needed: Experience/understanding of public relations, basic marketing