BAM 2021 Update:

We are disappointed to share the news with you that the 2021 Bicycling Around Minnesota-BAM tour will not be held. The BAM Board of Directors and staff have considered several scenarios. While the situation is improving, we feel there are still too many unknowns about the future of the pandemic. The BAM board has come to the difficult decision that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, holding the tour is not in the best interests of the riders, staff, volunteers or communities we travel through. Safety is our number one priority and we simply do not see a way to proceed with the tour safely. While we may be safely gathering in small numbers this summer, large gatherings are still up in the air.

Thank you to those who filled out the rider survey we sent out in early February. Responses to the survey were varied in regards to if people would attend and what type of safety protocol would be acceptable to riders. The survey results, in addition to continued unknowns of the pandemic, the virus variants and the availability and acceptance of the vaccine, have led us to this decision.

We contemplated delaying the decision for 2-3 months to determine the trajectory of the virus and vaccine.  There were many factors that went into the decision to cancel now vs. waiting.  First, the BAM Board decided not to continue to spend additional reserve funds on a ride that may have to be cancelled again. A second factor was the concerning information about the new variants of the virus. Third, many survey respondents expressed concerns about the availability of the vaccine in time for the ride; some riders did not plan to get vaccinated. Lastly, survey responses about people’s willingness to comply with requirements for safety protocols were not consistent, impacting both safety and a positive rider experience for all. 

We anticipate a 2022 tour in the same general area as the tour that was planned for 2020. We will send information out to you when registration is open for the 2022 tour.

If you have questions please email We hope to see you next year, and most importantly, be safe!

BAM Board of Directors

About BAM

BAM has offered its 4-day bicycle tours since 2006. The goals of BAM are to promote Share the Road, Minnesota’s scenic byway system, fitness, tourism and bicycling as transportation. Find out more about BAM on our About page.

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