Status of 2020 Tour

The 2020 Bicycling Around Minnesota-BAM tour will not be held. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, holding the tour is not in the best interests of the riders, staff, volunteers or communities we travel through. Safety is our number one priority and we simply do not see a way to proceed with the tour safely. 

We anticipate a 2021 tour in the same general area as the 2020 tour; however, the multiple unknowns of the pandemic may continue to impact our lives in 2021. No one knows the answers to the limitless questions about the pandemic and its duration, which experts estimate to be a one-to-two year crisis.

Please contact us with questions.

About BAM

BAM has offered its 4-day bicycle tours since 2006. The goals of BAM are to promote Share the Road, Minnesota’s scenic byway system, fitness, tourism and bicycling as transportation. Find out more about BAM on our About page.

Thank you, partners!